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John Mahkewa

Greeting's. John Mahkewa is an Tewa/Hopi, enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe in Polacca, Arizona. His clan membership within the Hopi Tribe is Sun. He is the grandson of noted Potter Grace Chapella, who was the Bear Grandmother with the Tewa village on First Mesa.
Grace taught John, also called, Tatasjuanna, (THE PEACEMAKER). Her craft along with the stories and prophecies she carried. Believing one day, John, would carry into his life this responsibility to future generations .

Some eighteen years ago John awoke from a death experience due in part to his lifestyle and Post Polio Syndrome. The stories and medicine he'd learned from Grace came alive into him again.

Among his interest and intuitive nature are, Permaculture graduate from RDI in California, Wildcrafting, Storyteller, Spiritual intuitive and practicing Native American spiritually.  He also shares his death experience, and is well versed in the Blue Star prophecies..
One interest is travel, he has led private and group tours as well within the Southwest of U.S.

Interested parties can contact John via Marietta Stehmann-Ebnet.

TerryMelius m

Terry Melius

My name is Terry Melius, I am originally from Tucson, Arizona. My mother shared her love of the desert and taught me to love respect and protect our resources as I did with my children. I have been working for Trail Dust Jeep tours for 15 years teaching people about the desert and the Medicinal Plants it has to offer. My interest in medicinal plants is both healing and fun. The ancient Native American culture has been one of my interests. I have travelled all over the Southwest and North Pacific in search of clues to their lives.

Life, nature and experience has given me a school of knowledge that allows me to work in a profession that encompasses many of my passions. I was fortunate to participate in the 50th anniversary of the historical Tucson to Tombstone horseback ride. In addition, I like camping, hiking, repelling cliffs and caves and anything to do with water. I have also learned adobe repair and helped with the repairs of Kentucky camp, an old mining camp outside of Tucson. I have always organized large camping trips trying to get those who would not otherwise get out with their family and simply enjoy nature. The desert is my heart, I am in awe of the sunsets energized by the monsoon storms and am still surprised about the diverse beauty the desert has to offer. In my opinion life is too short for all the beauty and healing that Mother earth has to offer and we must get out and enjoy life with our loved ones and have those special moments in those wonderful places.

MiraZimmer l

Mira Christiane Zimmer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektin
schamanisch-geomantische Beraterin
schamanisches Heilen
Gestaltung und Fertigung von Kraftgegenständen und Kraftbilder
Arbeiten mit und für die Natur
seit 2006 schamanische Aus- und Weiterbildungen bei Heartland Schamanismus u. a.
geomantische Fortbildungen
Fortbildung The Spirits of Nature
Energetischer Feng Shui Berater nach Tao do Hang
Gebaute Räume oder natürliche Orte umgeben uns immer. Sie wirken auf uns, können uns unterstützen, uns Situationen spiegeln. Sie können uns aber auch behindern, uns unter Umständen sogar Energie abziehen. Durch schamanische Arbeit, Rituale, reale wie energetische Reinigungen und durch gezielte Gestaltungen können wir uns und unsere Räume in Balance bringen. An einem solchen Ort können wir Kraft tanken und die Verbundenheit spüren.

Mail: ka.mira@gmx.de       Phone: 0171 6025 101      Webseite:  www.zimmerundraum.de

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Jochen Voß

Jochen Voß aus Paderborn ist Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und seit 2014 ausgebildeter Familienaufsteller.
Erfahrungen mit dem Familienstellen nach Hellinger hat er seit 2000.
Mitglied in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, Beratung und Familientherapie (www.dgsf.org) und
in der AufstellerInnen-Gemeinschaft “Schule des Schauens” (www.familienaufstellen.eu)

Mail: info@lebensbetrachtungen.de       Phone: 0151 52 59 60 58      Webseite: lebensbetrachtungen.de

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